Essential Tremor and Blogs

July 11, 2018

Blogs have become part of everyday communication and relationships. From clothes to dogs, blogs share information and give personal experience on a level that social media regularly wouldn’t go. They can provide support and insight into medical problems like essential tremor, and provide relief in ways that others couldn’t because of lack of experience. Blogs can provide valuable information, and we have found a few that have great insight into essential tremor and living a full life with the condition. Here are a few that we have found motivational and that contain good information. Patients like me is a resource for lots of different conditions that provides a medium for patients to come together and talk about their treatments, symptoms, and what truly works for them. It is also a great resource because it provides a path that researchers can take to find more information about the condition without having to do lengthy research. By putting your symptoms, information, treatments, and details into, you could be helping research progress, and help individuals find comfort and peace with their condition. This may also help minimize your own trial and error when it comes to finding treatments, by matching your symptoms to what match others and how they treat it. is a website dedicated to articles about treatments and research behind essential tremor. Guest writers post blog articles about their experiences and about everything related to essential tremor. This blog is run by the International Essential Tremor Foundation located in Kansas. They are always posting more information about essential tremor, and update the blog frequently. This blog is packed full of all different types of information related to health and medicine. But when you dig deep, you can find great articles written by neurologists and professors dedicated to the essential tremor condition. This blog is all about meetups for people local to San Diego, and raising awareness for essential tremor. Though it hasn’t been updated in a while, it has some fun articles about disabled characters in TV, a documentary, and the founding of the website itself. On the blog, there is a tab called “you are not alone” and it provides a place where people can open up about their experiences. If you need support, this is a great place to go and read about others that are going through the same thing. One of the more personal blogs that gives more of an inside the life of type story, is all about the life of a 21 year old girl living with essential tremor. Even if you don’t have the same experiences as her, she talks a lot about acceptance and how writing blogs can be emotional. It’s a great place to read about living an imperfect life, but still being accepting and joyful. 

There are a lot of online resources that can connect those with essential tremor to each other and provide lasting friendships and support. Take some time to search these blogs and share your experiences. It can really freshen your perspective and provide new hope!