Essential Tremor Supplement

What is an essential tremor supplement?

Tremor Miracle is an all-natural essential tremor supplementthat focuses on increasing the effectiveness of neuro-transmission throughout the body by enhancing and strengthening the supporting circulatory system of the body.

TremorMiracle™ is formulated to make neuro-transmission more effective through vasodilation and improved support of the circulatory system.

In some cases, effects are observable within days. In most cases users of TremorMiracle™ have  experienced a noticeable improvement in their tremor at or before the initial 60-day treatment phase.

The onset or worsening of tremors with age are effectively addressed by TremorMiracle™. Our active ingredients have been formulated to improve the health of the circulatory system and offset deterioration incident to age.

Please note that TremorMiracle™ is not a cure and it may not work for everyone.

However, TremorMiracle™has demonstrated a positive and unmistakable reduction in the tremors of essential tremor sufferers.

We are very excited about what this means – for our existing customers as well as for tremor sufferers worldwide


Real Science Nutrition™ is committed to bringing you solutions that work and is particularly interested in your success with TremorMiracle™. We are confident that it will make a difference for you, as it has for many others.



Essential tremor has been designated as a “clinical tremor” – meaning that we can observe it but not yet explain it.

hands in a circle as a team of essential tremor sufferers

It may be referred to by several names including essential tremor, familial tremor, benign tremor, hereditary tremor, etc. The name most often used by the medical community, however, is “essential tremor.”

Generally, essential tremor is described as a movement disorder that causes involuntary, rhythmic shaking, especially in the hands, but can effect multiple parts of the body including arms, legs, feet, head and, in some cases, the voice.

Essential tremor is most commonly observed in day-to-day activities such as eating, drinking, or writing and is not typically observed when the body is at rest.

Essential tremor is not Parkinson’s disease, nor is it the tremors resulting from or associated with head traumas.


Among many observations, here are some key facts to be aware of:

  • Essential tremor does not shorten your life-span.
  • Essential tremor can and does interfere with motor skills that are employed in day-to-day living.
  • Essential tremor symptoms are often aggravated by emotional stress, anxiety, fatigue, hunger, caffeine or cigarette smoking.
  • Essential tremor can manifest itself at most any age – but research has shown that it becomes more prevalent with age.



Numbers vary, but essential tremor affects an estimated 3% of the world’s population with numbers increasing dramatically in populations 40 years of age or older.

There are an estimated 228 million sufferers of essential tremor, worldwide!


Prevalence of Essential Tremors by Country

This is a global problem!

The number of essential tremor sufferers in the 25 most populated countries of the world are estimated in the following table.

Country Population Estimated ET Sufferers
1 China 1,409,517,397 42,285,522
2 India 1,339,180,127 40,175,404
3 U.S. 324,459,463 9,733,784
4 Indonesia 263,991,379 7,919,741
5 Brazil 209,288,278 6,278,648
6 Pakistan 197,015,955 5,910,479
7 Nigeria 190,886,311 5,726,589
8 Bangladesh 164,669,751 4,940,093
9 Russia 143,989,754 4,319,693
10 Mexico 129,163,276 3,874,898
11 Japan 127,484,450 3,824,534
12 Ethiopia 104,957,438 3,148,723
13 Philippines 104,918,090 3,147,543
14 Egypt 97,553,151 2,926,595
15 Viet Nam 95,540,800 2,866,224
16 Germany 82,114,224 2,463,427
17 DR Congo 81,339,988 2,440,200
18 Iran 81,162,788 2,434,884
19 Turkey 80,745,020 2,422,351
20 Thailand 69,037,513 2,071,125
21 U.K. 66,181,585 1,985,448
22 France 64,979,548 1,949,386
23 Italy 59,359,900 1,780,797
24 Tanzania 57,310,019 1,719,301
25 South Africa 56,717,156 1,701,515



Recent Findings & Research About These Tremors

Recent research, conducted at the Montreal Neurological Institute, has found a strong correlation between essential tremor and pre-existing genetic factors.

Other researchers have subscribed for some time to what has been called the “GABA hypothesis.” This theory suggests that deficiencies in GABA levels may be a as causing essential tremor (GABA is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter).

While research continues, we have developed a simple and powerful help for essential tremor sufferers.


Body Movement & Tremors are Linked Together

Body movement is regulated by systems constantly sending signals throughout the body’s muscular and skeletal structure.

These signals to the body are simultaneously stimulating and inhibiting physical movement allowing us to act, re-act, balance ourselves and move with steadiness.

In the case of essential tremor, it is generally understood that tremors result from the absence or other dysfunction of inhibitory signals traveling through the body. This, in turn, is thought to create the involuntary shaking and lack of control experienced by essential tremor sufferers while attempting to perform everyday tasks.

The circulatory system supports the various control and signaling systems of the body by carrying nutrients, hormones and oxygen throughout the entire body.

circulatory system

Enhancing and strengthening the circulatory system has the effect of bringing renewed health to neurotransmission, chemical messaging, cell receptors and the other movement-related systems of the body.



Tremor Miracle is formulated to make neuro-transmission more effective through vasodilation and improved support of the circulatory system, which in turn supports the movement-related systems of the body.


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