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Essential Tremor and Weed

August 10, 2018

The growing interest for “weed” or marijuana in treating tremors has led to lots of research in how it actually affects and can benefit those with tremors. To date, 20 states have legalized medical marijuana and 13 more are pending on a decision about it. Weed is known for its beneficial effects on pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, and other symptoms of medical conditions. The role of marijuana in brain disease is just starting to be explored. 

Traditional therapy often falls short when it comes to treating tremors. Tremors can change from minute to minute in response to so many factors like stress, anxiety, and movement so it is hard to target because of all the complex interactions within the body and brain. Marijuana has the potential to impact one or more of these factors involved in the essential tremor triggers and symptoms. 

Marijuana is self-reported to help people manage many different symptoms. There are over 70 identified cannabinoid chemicals in marijuana. These isolates have different chemical properties and their individual uses can be used to benefit targeted symptoms. Our understanding of all the chemical properties is very limited, but laboratory research suggests that some of the chemical compounds have brain-protective effects. 

There is limited research for tremor specific uses of medical marijuana, and even smaller amounts of research about the different types of tremors and how they react to marijuana. A study of five patients showed no tremor benefit. But, in another study of 20 patients in Israel found that they had improvements in sleep, tremor, and many other symptoms related to essential tremor. 

Weed for essential tremor may be a good way to help symptoms, but weed does have many side-effects that may be harmful. Marijuana has psychoactive effects and can cause apathy that leads to lifestyle changes and bad habits. Heart attack risks are increased and stroke can occur. Because of its effects, marijuana can be addictive and cause long term effects like memory and judgement impairment. Again, weed for essential tremor may have temporary benefits, but the long-term risks may not be worth it. 

Overall, weed for essential tremor treatment has not been recommended or approved for essential tremor, and has not been researched quite enough to prove its positive effects. We only have proof of the more harmful effects, and so it may be best to stay away from self-medicating with marijuana. With all the research that is going into marijuana for treating a plethora of diseases, it won’t be long before we can better understand the effects of weed on essential tremor. 

For now, it is best to stick to tried and tested methods for treating essential tremor. Products like Tremor Miracle, other medications, and homeopathic methods are the best way to manage your tremor without the dangerous side effects. For more information about weed and essential tremor, and how they interact, you can visit On this website they have lots of links to resources, tools, treatments, and other great things related to essential tremor.