Essential Tremor Facts

August 10, 2018

Essential tremor is a condition that does not have a cure, and has a mostly unknown cause. Through research and clinical trials, the medical field has started to find more concrete answers about essential tremor and its causes. Here are some facts about essential tremor that are important for everyone to know. 


  • Essential tremor most commonly affects the “trunk” of the body and the hands, head, arms, and vocal chords. 
  • Essential tremor is very different from Parkinson’s, although it can be misdiagnosed. There is a diagnostic error rate of about 25 to 30 percent. 
  • Essential tremor can affect people of all ages. Even newborns have been diagnosed with essential tremor. 
  • Essential tremor is a familial tremor, meaning most people who have it got it through genetics. it is most commonly passed down from parents to children. 
  • If a parent has essential tremor, they have a 50 percent chance of passing it to their children. 
  • Essential tremor is a progressive condition, and tends to get worse with age. 
  • An estimated 10 million Americans have essential tremor. 
  • It is an action tremor, meaning that it affects voluntary movement. 
  • It is also a postural tremor, meaning that holding of a position against gravity can trigger tremor symptoms. 
  • Having essential tremor does not mean you are predisposed to other conditions or disease, though it has been found that essential tremor can be linked to certain sleep disorders and other neurological disorders. 
  • One theory of causation of essential tremor is that the thalamus is interacting incorrectly with the nervous system. Another theory is that the nervous system misfires and so signals are getting confused and crossed. 
  • There are many treatments (surgical and non-surgical) for essential tremor, but there is not a cure. 
  • New treatments are being tried and tested for essential tremor, and things like ultrasound treatment have been found to greatly relieve symptoms of tremors in patients. 
  • The tremors felt from essential tremor are rhythmic tremors, and they follow the same pattern every time they are felt. Rhythms can change as the disease progresses, but overall, people feel the same type of tremor all the time. 
  • Most people with essential tremor can lead full daily lives with little interference. 
  • There are many things that can trigger essential tremor symptoms such as caffeine, stress, sleep deprivation, harsh exercise, and other nervous system influencers and factors.
  • Alcohol, though not recommended, has been found to calm tremors in some people when taken in moderation. 


Overall, essential tremor is a complex condition that we still don’t know very much about. It is important to know the facts about essential tremor, so you know how to properly treat it. Medical professionals are the only ones qualified to diagnose the condition, and it is important to work closely with professionals when working to treat your essential tremor. For more information on treating essential tremor, you can visit Tremor Miracle is a great resource to learn more about the condition and for a product that really works in treating tremors safely and effectively.