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Essential Tremor in Head

July 17, 2018

 Essential tremor most commonly affects upper body areas like the head, hands, arms, trunk, and voicebox. Tremors are generally not completely debilitating, and people with essential tremor can live full lives. But, because head tremors are very obvious, essential tremor can lead to social anxiety and embarrassment, which can actually worsen tremors. Essential tremor patients generally find that their tremors are triggered by caffeine, emotional stress, physical activity, fatigue, and alcohol. 

Essential tremor is the most common type of tremor, and affects more people than Parkinson’s disease. There is not a known cause, but there are theories and research that show it is a familial disease that affects the cerebellum, the nervous system, and how they interact with each other. If the person with the tremor has other affected family members, than the disorder is characterized as a familial tremor. 

Since tremors in the head are so visible, it is natural that a cure is sought out among most people with essential tremor. Unfortunately, there is not a cure for the condition. But, there are a few treatments that are especially recommended for minimizing specifically head tremors among those with essential tremor. Head and hand tremors are most common, so it is important to remember that you are not alone. It may feel uncomfortable in social situations, but there is no reason to let that get you down. Essential tremordoesn’t have to stop you from doing the things you truly love. 

The most simple treatment for head tremors is to know your triggers. Avoid them so that you are able to avoid symptoms and tremors in your head. There are some medications that can help tremors, but there is no guarantee or one medication that works. Lots of consideration and consultation with a medical practitioner can let you know if medication can work for you. 

There are surgical and more invasive treatments for more severe head tremors. One is deep brain stimulation, which is a surgically implanted device that helps to short-circuit the impulses and brain waves that cause the tremor. There is not a guarantee that this will work, but it has been found to be effective in some patients with essential tremor. Brain surgery has been used in some cases to try to alter the part of the brain causing the tremor, and it has been effective in some cases. Most of the time, surgery is not an option until all other treatment methods, natural and medicinal have been tried. Because they are not always effective, a lot of factors will be taken into consideration. 

Tremors in the head are a common symptom of essential tremor and can be treated with a combination of medicinal, natural, and surgical methods. Those with head tremors can usually carry on with normal routines and daily life, because the tremors are not debilitating. Knowing what triggers the tremors in the head can help prevent them and also provide information for a treatment plan and an action plan of how to deal with essential tremor.