Essential Tremor in your 20's

August 24, 2018

Essential tremor in your 20’s is not uncommon, but the condition is most common in those 60 years of age and older. If essential tremor is affecting an individual in their 20’s, they probably got the condition because of a genetic trait, making it a familial tremor in their case. If a parent has essential tremor, they have a 50 percent chance of passing it on to their child. Children as young as a few hours old can manifest symptoms of essential tremor, so showing symptoms in your 20’s is not something to be overly concerned about. 

Essential tremor is a progressive tremor, and the early it is onset, the faster that symptoms seem to progress. Though this is not always the case, and the condition can progress more slowly or quickly in certain individuals, depending on a number of factors. There is no cure for essential tremor, only treatment options that may work for some and not others. Though essential tremor in your 20’s may be challenging, it can be managed in a way that promotes a rather normal and successful daily lifestyle and routine.

There are many support groups online and in person that have younger members that share their experiences. Because of the recent explosion in the popularity of blogs, there are many blogs out there, written by younger people who are versed in the side effects and consequences of essential tremor. Reading these blogs and participating in support groups is a great way to gain social support as well as a great resource for treatments that have worked for others in similar place in life as you. 

Because being social in younger years is so important to most, essential tremor can be harmful to self-confidence and esteem. Because of where essential tremor usually shows its symptoms, it can be very obvious when tremors start to occur and draw attention to someone in a negative way. Building a social support system of family and friends who understand the condition and their symptoms is a great way to help combat these feelings of lacking self-confidence. Most people are very oblivious to what essential tremor is, even though it affects millions of people world wide. Educating those who may seem to be misunderstanding is a great way to build camaraderie and acceptance within the community. The more people that are aware of the condition, the more people that can help support those with the condition and help to find a cure. 

Having essential tremor in your 20’s is not something that should prevent someone from living life. Someone with essential tremor can live a full and normal life in spite of their condition with the proper support and treatments. Though some things may become more of a struggle, with the proper support from family, friends, and medical professionals, nothing is impossible with essential tremor. Look for treatments like Tremor Miracle that allow you to function as normal in your everyday life but also treat tremors effectively, so you can continue doing what you love, and stay social and active in your 20’s.