Essential Tremor Quiz

August 08, 2018

Essential Tremor Quiz

Essential tremor is a condition that is best diagnosed by medical professionals to make sure that the proper diagnosis and treatment plan is created. But, there are some questions and online resourcesyou can use to find out if you may be suffering from essential tremor. 

The first thing you can do is check your symptoms that may be related to essential tremor. Do you have: 

  • Tremors that occur during movement and direct muscle movement? 
  • Rhythmic tremors in one or multiple areas of your body? 
  • Tremors that began gradually on one side of your body?
  • Tremors that worsen with movement? 
  • Tremors that usually occur in the hands? 
  • Tremors that are aggravated by emotional stress, fatigue, caffeine or temperature? 

If you are experiencing these symptoms you may have essential tremor. Since it is not a dangerous condition, it may be beneficial to watch symptoms closely before going to a medical professional to make sure that you have plenty of symptoms to tell your doctor about. 

Your medical professional may have you answer questions about the severity of your tremors and how they affect your daily life. These questions may include things like: 

  • Do your tremors interfere with your work/job? 
  • Do your tremors cause interference with your gait and walking? 
  • Is your sleep affected by your tremors? 
  • Where do your tremors most often occur in your body? 
  • Do your tremors interfere with your independence/ everyday functions and tasks? 

From these questions, your doctor will be able to determine how severe the condition is, and what treatment plans may work for you. They may also ask questions about your lifestyle and your goals, so that they can better understand how essential tremor interferes with your everyday life. is a great resource to answer frequently asked questions about essential tremor that you may have, that may help you determine your symptoms. It has links to treatments and therapy plans, and where to go for more information if you need it. Doing your research and getting questions answered is an important part of living with essential tremor. 

There is no official quiz to determine if you have essential tremor, but there are quizzes online that quiz your knowledge on the condition, and quiz you on common treatments that are an option to those who suffer from essential tremor. These quizzes can be a great way to share information with your family and friends, and help them learn more about what you go through and need from them. Getting family and friends involved can help create a strong support system for you, whenever you may need it.

Overall, there is a lot of information online about essential tremor. It is important to sort through all the good and bad information and find reliable sources that will help you get through your condition and learn about best treatments that work for you. There are quizzes online that can help you learn about essential tremor, as well as give you questions to answers that you may have.