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Essential Tremor Videos

March 06, 2018

Not everyone likes reading articles, journals, books, or magazines about Essential Tremor. If you are you are among such individuals, we’ve helped you by gathering the most important Essential Tremor videos on YouTube. These 10 Essential Tremor videos are self-explanatory and they will give you insights into the causes, symptoms, and treatments of this neurological disorder. You will also get to know some of the challenges that people with Essential Tremor are facing. 


Top Essential Tremor Videos


To view Essential Tremor videos that will help you to understand everything about this movement disorder, click on the links shown below:


  • Essential Tremor: This 30-minute essential tremor video provides an overview of what Essential Tremor is, including the clinical features and treatments of Essential Tremor. The name of the speaker is Dee Silver, a neurologist in California.
  • Neurologist Discusses Essential Tremor: This is a 12-minute Essential Tremor video packed with lots of useful information. The speaker is a calm and friendly neurologist. Learn the symptoms and treatments of essential tremor with this video!
  • Essential Tremor and Diet: This Essential Tremor video is very helpful to learn about some of the diets that trigger essential tremor.  
  • How to Get Rid of Essential Tremors in Adults. This is not a video you want to miss if you want to know how to get rid of Essential Tremors. With more than 89K reviews, this Essential Tremor video is what you need if you want to regain control over your hands again. 
  • How to Stop Shaking When You’re Nervous: From the beginning to the end, this 4-minute Essential Tremor video is filled with humor and vital tips about how you can control your hands when they are shaking uncontrollably. 
  • Getting Diagnosed and Treatment: Learn about the process of getting diagnosed and treated with a neurologist if you have Essential Tremor.
  • Voice and Head Tremor: Check out this video if you want to see symptoms of Essential Tremor such as uncontrollable shaking of the head and tongue.
  • Examination of a Patient with Essential Tremor: This 6-minute Essential Tremor video is ideal if you want to see about how people with Essential Tremor are examined. 
  • MRI-Guided Ultrasound:Get a look at how an MRI-guided ultrasound is used to treat a patient suffering from Essential Tremor. 
  • Essential Tremor Treatment Options: Michael Kaplitt and other neurologists explain all the treatment options available for people with Essential Tremor. This is a must-watch Essential Tremor video if you want to hear what experts have to say about this neurological disorder.