Home Remedies for Essential Tremor

July 27, 2018

When it comes to essential tremor, since there is not a cure, home remedies have become widespread and popular. Though it is always necessary to check with your medical provider before self-medicating with homeopathic remedies, these remedies may provide relief from life-altering symptoms. After researching what you feel will work best for you and consulting your medical provider, these may be a low-cost, low-hassle solution for you and your essential tremor. 

Exercise and diet are key to managing essential tremor symptoms in a low-effort and effective way. By being active and frequently exercising with low-impact exercises, muscles are strengthened. Since essential tremor is a kinetic tremor, it is most affected by movement and tremors only manifest themselves during moments of movement. It is important to start slowly, and make sure to not overdo it when exercising. A mediterranean diet that is balanced in vitaminsand minerals will also help with essential tremor symptoms. Avoiding things like caffeine in your diet can also influence tremors, as caffeine is a stimulant and will trigger tremors to worsen in certain parts of the body.

Essential oils have taken the world by storm, and are a common use for treating essential tremor. Essential oils like Lavender have relaxation properties, which help the muscles to relax and tremors to lessen. Frankincense oil has been shown to reduce inflammation of the brain which may influence tremors. Vetiver oil has been found to reduce tremors. Essential oils can also be massaged onto the skin onto areas where tremors tend to be worse for added strength and comfort. 

Since tremors can be triggered by anxiety and stress, things like yoga and stretching that promote relaxation can help calm tremors. Meditation and breathing exercises will promote a relaxed mind and body, which will slow tremors. Slower heartbeats can also help anxiety sensations which lead to tremors, so breathing exercises are important to be practiced on a frequent basis. 

Learning what works best for you and gaining a better overall sense of well-being will change your perspective, and things may change. Problems and troubles that you seemed to have before may shrink in proportion to positive things you decide to focus on. Inner well-being is a great protection from tremors, and can be life-changing. Focusing on more positive aspects besides tremors will truly help symptoms. There are lots of groups, services, and other places where people with essential tremor can go to learn about their symptoms, and how to deal with them. Meeting people with similar symptoms and learning about how they handle them can also change the way you deal with your own symptoms. 

Overall, the best treatment depends on you and your lifestyle, but can be greatly influenced by your choice of homeopathic treatments. Make sure that you and your medical provider are on the same page, and then do what works best for you. Trial and error may be necessary to figure out what works best for you, but once you figure it out, stick with it and share your results! You may find someone else who has the same symptoms as you that can be helped by your knowledge and experience.