Joint Pain and Essential Tremor

August 10, 2018

Does essential tremor cause joint pain? Because of the constant movements that the tremors cause, joint pain can be apart of the essential tremor diagnosis. While not everyone will experience joint pain with their essential tremor, it is not something that needs to be tolerated in silence. Make sure you let your medical care provider know how you are feeling, so other treatment methods can be considered. Depending on where your tremors are located, your joints may or may not be affected. If you do have joint pain, there are a few things you can do to help treat it. 

  1. Treating your essential tremors first: Because your joint pain may be coming from tremor symptoms, make sure that you are avoiding triggers for your essential tremor as well as treating the symptoms as best as possible. Triggers generally include stress, caffeine, sleep deprivation, intense physical activity, and anxiety. Keep a journal about what triggers your symptoms, as well as what helps calm them. That way you can know exactly how to manage your symptoms. Using products like essential oils, Tremor Miracle, and other things can also help give you relief. 
  2. Keep a healthy lifestyle: joints can be negatively impacted by weight, exercise and activity levels, and many other factors besides your essential tremor. Make sure that you are eating a healthy diet as well as staying active with light activity at least 30 minutes a day so that all aspects of your life are promoting healthy joints. The mediterranean diet has been highly recommended for those with essential tremor, but consult your doctor for the best diet for you. 
  3. Next, treat joint pain: after you have treated your essential tremor to the best of your ability, find a medication or other form of treatment that can help your joint pain without interfering with your essential tremor treatment. From medication to homeopathic remedies, joint pain can be treated from a variety of angles. Using a combination of things depending on the time of your pain, the severity, and the location of the pain can be the best way to target the pain and eliminate it. 
  4. When in doubt, look for other causes: if you have your essential tremor in check and a healthy lifestyle but still can’t seem to get your joint pain in order, look for other causes. Although essential tremor is not directly linked to causing any other conditions, you never know whatever other conditions you may have. Patients have been found to have arthritis and many other joint issues along with essential tremor, so it does not hurt to get checked out by a medical professional to make sure this isn’t the case for you. 


Overall, essential tremor may cause joint pain for some, but not all that have essential tremor are affected by joint pain. Don’t suffer in silence, and make sure to let your medical care professional know of your symptoms so they can try to treat your pain and make you as comfortable as possible.