Natural Remedies for Essential Tremor: Stretching, Exercises, Avoiding Caffeine

September 21, 2018

Natural Remedies for Essential Tremor: Stretching, Exercises, Avoiding Caffeine

There are many different essential tremor natural remedies that have been discovered over years of research and trials. One of the most natural ways you can help treat your essential tremor symptoms is with a healthy diet and exercise. Making sure to implement these two things in your everyday life is a great way to ensure a healthy and active lifestyle that will improve your health in all aspects, not just with essential tremor symptoms. 

Essential tremor natural remedies don’t have to be complicated. They can be as simple as following a healthy, high-fat diet. The most common of these diets that has been found to help with essential tremor symptoms is the Mediterranean diet. This diet consists of lots of whole foods that are high in fat and in vitamins. It includes lots of whole vegetables, fruits and meats. These vitamins and the high fat can actually help with nervous system and brain interaction as well as independent function. Occasional alcohol consumption under controlled circumstances may also benefit tremor symptoms since alcohol is a nervous system depressant. 

Avoiding things in your diet can also be considered one of the essential tremor natural remedies that can be used. Caffeine and other stimulating substances can worsen tremors and cause uncomfortable side effects. By avoiding this, you are setting yourself up for more positive treatment results. Avoiding lots of sugar so that your mind can stay clear and calm is also a great way to prevent tremors from worsening. 

Using essential tremor natural remedies like exercise can seem simple, but will have a huge impact over time. Exercises like yoga that promote muscle control and relaxation are great for those with essential tremor. It is important that the exercise is not too harsh or high-impact, as that can end up actually triggering the essential tremor symptoms you are trying to treat. But nice walks, yoga, or other low-impact activities for 30 minutes to an hour a day will greatly benefit how your symptoms affect you. 

Isolated exercises in your hands and parts of the body that are affected by tremors can also help strengthen the muscles and in turn prevent tremor symptoms. Using a stress ball for hand exercises is a great way to exercise those on the go.

 Lots of stretching throughout the body to relieve any tension that you may be holding is also a good way to relieve tremors. It is amazing how much tension a lot of us hold in our muscles without noticing. At this very moment:

  • Relax your hunched shoulders
  • Remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. 
  • Unclench your jaw
  • Wiggle your toes

Just doing this can show you that even the smallest parts of your body may be holding in tension that you didn’t even know you had. Being aware of this tension and making an effort to let it go will greatly benefit your tremor symptoms. 

Overall, by changing something as simple as your diet and remembering to participate in low impact exercise can change your life drastically. This will not only improve your life altogether, but will also improve your tremor symptoms and treat them in a totally natural and non-invasive way.