Quality of Life with Essential Tremor

July 27, 2018

Essential tremor symptoms may plague someone for their whole life at different degrees of intensity. Since essential tremor is a familial tremor, it is passed down genetically from parent to child, and children may show symptoms as early as two to four years old. Essential tremor has a 50 percent chance of being passed down from parent to child. Even though essential tremor may be onset at a very young age, the quality of life of someone with essential tremor is not something that is usually seriously affected. Essential tremor is a condition that most people learn to function at full capacity with, and are able to perform normal everyday functions. Though these functions can be affected, there are ways that they can adapt with reasonable assistance. 

Those with essential tremor may find their condition to be embarrassing or socially uncomfortable. Because these tremors generally occur in very obvious areas like the head, hands, and trunk of the body they are hard to hide. They cannot really be hidden or disguised, especially when the patient is distressed or anxious. This may make things uncomfortable for those with essential tremor, and make social activities difficult. This can greatly affect the outlook on life for essential tremor, as social activities may decline because of symptoms. 

Children with essential tremoralso seem to have hard time learning, and may present learning disabilities and a hard time learning in classroom environments. It is important that if a child has essential tremor that parents are aware, and that parents are actively involved with motivating their child to work hard in school. Schools can make accommodations to help children better learn and to help them interact positively with other children. 

Work and productivity may be affected by tremors, and this can harm the lifestyle of those with essential tremor. Jobs that require lots of movement, lifting, and physical labor may be a bad match for those with essential tremor, as tremors are kinetic and increase with movement. High-stress jobs may increase tremors which may negatively impact life in and outside of work. Anxiety and stress play huge factors in essential tremor, so avoiding these as much as possible can minimize tremors. 

Overall, those with essential tremor can have a great quality of life with minimum disability or limitations. Essential tremor is progressive, and with age the quality of life may decline due to increased tremors. But those with the familial type tremor tend to be able to function very well, with minimum limits. If you feel that you are losing quality of life because of your condition, do not lose hope. Be willing to try new treatments and connect with those who have experiences similar to yours. There are a lot of online groups, blogs, and resources that can help you manage your symptoms effectively and get your life back. Essential tremor can be combated, and with proper tools you should be able to effectively treat symptoms and have a great life that you control, and live with freedom.