YouTube and Essential Tremor

July 27, 2018

A great online resource to learn more about essential tremor is YouTube. Whether searching for information, demos, life stories, or medical advice, YouTube can be a great tool to learn more about essential tremor, and a great way to connect with others that suffer from the same condition. There are a lot of DIY treatment videos, and while these can be a great resource, it is important that you consult your doctor before trying any of the treatments that are offered through YouTube, as not all of them may be safe or effective for you and your symptoms. 

First, when looking on YouTube for information about essential tremor there are thousands of video suggestions. A video by the International Essential Tremor Foundation called “Essential Tremor is More than a Tremor” is a great resource and voice for those with essential tremor. The International Essential Tremor Foundation or (IETF), has 12 videos all dedicated to essential tremor. These videos include research updates, diagnosis, what the foundation is, seminar links, and even stories of those who suffer from essential tremor. 

The Essential Tremor Education Center is a social health company that serves those with essential tremor and their loved ones. They provide education and research for those that are struggling with their condition and struggling to find treatments that work for them. On YouTube, the Essential Tremor Education Center has created videos with in depth details about what essential tremor is, and detailed information about treatments that have been proven effective. Like all channels, their YouTube channel provides a place where discussions can be held in an open and social space. 

Another great YouTube resource for essential tremor is Doris Dai-Sy. Though her YouTube account is more a lifestyle account about her life, beauty and her travels, Doris shares information about her own diagnosis and how she has learned to deal with her essential tremors to live the life that she wants to live. This account is a great way for those who are younger to connect with someone who goes through the same things they do, and see how well she is able to function and create a beautiful YouTube account despite her setbacks with essential tremor. 

Though you may not follow specific YouTube channels, just searching essential tremor will bring up thousands of videos ranging from professional medical research and information to personal stories of diagnosis and living with essential tremor. YouTube can be a great place to meet others and to build a discussion about essential tremor, and form camaraderie with those that share similar experiences. Being able to relate to someone who has a similar life experience can give hope and be inspiring to those suffering with any condition. Maybe you could even consider creating your own YouTube videos about your personal story. You never know who your story could influence for the better! As mentioned before, be careful with YouTube “professionals” and talk to your doctor before trying any of the treatment ideasyou find on the internet, let alone YouTube.