Essential Oils and Essential Tremor

May 31, 2018

Essential Oils and Essential Tremor appear to have a positive link, and essential oils may help treat symptoms of Essential Tremor. Essential oils are a concentrated liquid containing aroma compounds from plants and other natural ingredients that have been found to help in certain symptoms of disease and illness. The compounds are made of small organic molecules that tend to change quickly from their liquid state, so it can be diffused and changed to move quickly in the air. here have been over 3,000 varieties of these compounds found to date.

Such unique properties make essential oils ideal for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been proven to improve psychological and physical well being. It can be offered on it’s own, or as a form of alternative medicine. Aromatherapy began back in 1937 for a range of ailments. Essential oils can be rubbed on the skin using a coconut or transfer oil, or some can be consumed in tea or water. Some essential oils are not consumption grade, so it is important to do your research before purchasing and using essential oils for consumption. Aromatherapy is not as intense, therefore may not have as many positive effects as consumption or rubbing the oil on the skin.

There have been certain types of oils that have been found to help manage symptoms of Essential Tremor. Some decide to use oils in conjunction with medication and other treatments, or use oils to completely manage their symptoms. The first oil that has been found to help with tremors is Frankincense Essential oil. This oil is generally used to relieve nervous energy and depressions. Once taken, this essential oil acts as a nervous system stimulant and can help to calm nervous tension.

The second most popular oil for treating Essential tremor is Vetiver Oil. Like Frankincense oil, it acts as a stimulant which helps calm the nervous symptoms, in which the tremors usually start from. The third oil is Arnica oil. This oil, combined with marjoram and rosemary, helps to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms. Lemon and orange essential oils both work with the body to help boost mobility.When using Arnica oil, it is usually used by mixing it with water and sipping. Doing this three times daily can help quake relief.

Helichrysum oil is another option for those looking for tremor relief. The properties in Helichrysum lower the level of brain inflammation, and because of Essential Tremors link to the brain, this may help to relieve some of the symptoms. Cinnamon Oil is generally used for treating diabetes and helping those with diabetic symptoms. These properties also make it a great product for Essential Tremor. Oils such as Cedarwood and Sandalwood are high in Sesquiterpene, which cross the brain blood barrier. They carry more oxygen throughout the body and help fire neurons and relieve neurological symptoms.

Overall, along with other treatments, Essential oils can greatly benefit those with Essential Tremors and help symptoms be more manageable in a natural and holistic way. Along with our product Tremor Miracle, Essential oils can be a great way to add a bit more comfort and relief to tremors and shaky muscles.