Exercising with Essential Tremor

May 31, 2018

Exercising with Essential Tremors can be a difficult task, but beneficial to symptoms. There are certain exercises that along with diet and other treatment may help symptoms become much more manageable. It is important to remember that Essential Tremor is triggered by stress and rigid muscles, so any exercise that induces that sort of stress and bodily reaction has the potential to worsen symptoms. Along with exercise, physical therapy may be a great way to retrain muscles and master exercises before attempting to do them on your own.

Mastering deep breathing is a big part of successfully exercising with Essential Tremor. Since the symptoms can be triggered by stress, breathing mastery is very important to making sure that the tremors don’t get exponentially worse during exercise and prevent exercise altogether. By changing where your brain is focusing, you will be able to breathe deeply. Focus on one part of the body to the next, while breathing deeply will help relax muscles and the tremors.

Yoga is a gentle and therapeutic exercise that uses stretches and poses for increased muscle tone and to build strength, balance and flexibility. Yoga exercises may help reduce tremors and the discomfort that comes along with them. Yoga can also help with any stress and anxiety that may trigger Essential Tremor.

Exercising with Essential Tremors is something that should be cleared by a physician to make sure that you are safe to do exercise. Once cleared, there are a few types of exercises that may greatly influence your symptoms. When frustrated, it is easy to make the tremor worse by tensing muscles. Taking time to do stretches and relaxing breathing can settle the tension that is aggravating the symptoms. First, tighten and relax your hands. Wait for the tension to release. Then, rotate your wrists and shoulders. Stretching your neck and shoulders slowly, then you can begin to breathe deeply. Yoga and other relaxing exercise is great for individuals with Essential Tremor, but there are strength exercises that can be done that will improve muscle strength and symptoms.

Resistance training involves bicep curls, wrist flexion and wrist extension. These performed with dumbbells have been proven to reduce the amplitude for the Essential tremors, and improve manual dexterity. Resistance training throughout the rest of the body is also something that can improve overall muscle tone and dexterity.

Low-impact exercises can help improve blood flow and circulation, and reduce stress that may cause tremor symptoms to worsen. Walking, swimming and biking are some low-impact exercises that you may want to think about. Starting out slowly and then building up to harder exercise will help make sure tremors aren’t worsened.

Breathing exercises, yoga, resistance and low impact training will all help manage Essential Tremor. Along with supplements and other treatment, exercise will help with Essential Tremor and de-stressing your life to lessen the tremors that may keep you from doing things that you love in the day to day. Always make sure you are consulting a physician and choosing the right exercise for you.