Essential Tremor Affects Eyes

August 25, 2018

What does it look like when essential tremor affects eyes? 

If essential tremor is showing symptoms in the eyes, it can look like a small movement issueand a slower response time in following movement objects. But, some of the earlier signs of tremors in the eyes may not even be able to be seen by the normal human eye. Super targeted photographs that take up to 20 photos a second may be able to catch the abnormal eye movement, but the movement may start out so slightly at first that it is not even detected. Those with essential tremor affects in their eyes may not even notice that they have them at first, or at all, depending on the severity, because they are not as obvious as tremors in other parts of the body. 

How does essential tremor affect eyes? 

Essential tremor can cause eye movement abnormalities. These may indicate more than ever that the cerebellum is involved in the advanced stages of essential tremor. If eyes were affected by essential tremor, the two most common deficits were an impaired smooth movement of the eyes when looking from one object to the next, and suppression of the vestibulo-ocular reflex time constant by head tilts. When watching a moving object, the pursuit generation was significantly reduced in essential tremor patients when compared to healthy subjects. 

Gaze holding capabilities were not impaired at all by essential tremor. But, other movement involved activities with the eyes did show impairment and a difference between those with essential tremor and those without. 

Does essential tremor affect eyes in everyone with essential tremor? 

The answer to this question is no. Although essential tremor sufferers do tend to have eye problems more commonly than those without essential tremor, having essential tremor does not guarantee eye problems for anyone in particular. It seems that those with extreme and severe essential tremors are most commonly diagnosed with eye issues related to the condition. If you believe that you have tremor in your eyes, talk to a medical professional so that they can recommend treatment options. 

How can you treat essential tremor effects on eyes? 

Because eye movement is so closely related to the brain, and when referring to essential tremor symptoms the cerebellum, medical professionals may choose to use a neuroimaging technique to try to better understand the causation of the essential tremor. Because the eye symptoms are most likely because of an issue with the cerebellum, surgical options may be the most valid. 

DBS and other surgical options include stimulating the brain in a very targeted area to help treat the area that is affecting the essential tremor symptoms. Most surgical procedures for essential tremor have a very high success rate, but are very invasive. 

Medication that treats seizures and epilepsy may be used to target the nervous system and coat synapses. By doing this, the beta blockers are able to manage any of the tremors that may be caused by the misfires in the synapses to the nerves.