Essential Tremor in the Feet

August 25, 2018

Essential tremor is most commonly known to cause rhythmic tremors within the upper body, head, hands and voice box in people 65 years of age and older. But, in rare cases, essential tremor can cause tremors in the legs and feet. Along with tremors in the feet, essential tremor can also cause an unsteady gait, which is referred to as ataxia. There is not much information about the cause for the progression of essential tremor, or why some cases are so much worse than others. 

It has been found that essential tremor in the feet is not common, but can happen in rare and significantly severe cases. Symptoms of essential tremor in the feet are the same as they are anywhere else in the body. Essential tremor in the feet causes rhythmic tremors when movement of muscles is occuring. More common than essential tremor, Parkinson’s often shows symptoms and signs in the legs and feet of an individual. It is important to get a proper diagnosis to make sure that the essential tremor symptoms are not confused with Parkinson’s disease or something more serious. 

Many people have a leg or foot tremor if they rest their leg in particular positions with their heel off the ground a little bit. This is not essential tremor in the feet, but rather a normal bodily response to muscle movement and strain. Essential tremor in the feet is a kinetic tremor, and mostly affects feet when the muscles are being used consciously. 

Essential tremor has many treatment options, but because feet tremors may be more debilitating, aggressive treatment will probably be recommended. Surgery, medication, physical therapy, and even home remedies can be used to treat the tremors and to lessen symptoms. The condition cannot be cured entirely, but can be treated to the point that symptoms are not recognizable. 

Tremor Miracle is a treatment option for essential tremor in the feet that is specifically designed to treat these types of tremors along with the hands, head, and legs. It is an all natural supplement that is approved to treat essential tremor in the feet safely and effectively. When looking for treatment options for essential tremor in the feet, make sure that you find a product like Tremor Miracle that is formulated to treat these specific types of tremors. Because of the severity of these types of tremors, targeted solutions will be much more effective than generic tremor treatments.
People with essential tremor in the feet, just like anywhere else in the body, should be able to live full and successful lives with minimum assistance. As the disease progresses and the condition ages with the individual, symptoms may become more severe and require more treatment and accommodation. There is no preventative treatment or way to slow down progression, so all those with essential tremor in the feet can do is learn about their condition, the treatments that work best for them, and how to get support through the trials they may face. 

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