Essential Tremor Age of Onset

June 29, 2018

 Often, the age at which essential tremor onsets determines its progression and the level of severity over time. The younger that someone is when they begin to notice essential tremor symptoms, the faster the time frame in which the disease progresses. Usually, essential tremor mainly affects people over 40 years of age, but it can happen to anyone. The age of onset is usually influenced by genetics, and relations to other disorders. If a parent has essential tremor, the child has a 50% chance of inheriting the gene responsible for the condition. Sometimes, tremors are symptoms of other disorders like parkinson's and dystonia which are brought on by age and other things. 

The direct cause of Essential tremor is not known, but one theory suggests that it is caused when the brain is not correctly communicating with other parts of the brain. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that controls muscle coordination, and that seems to be the part that may be most affected and cause essential tremor and the shaking movements and rhythmic tremors. Developing brains and aging brains can be susceptible to change and issues, and this could be why essential tremor tends to appear in these stages of life, when the brain is most vulnerable. 

In studies about the age of onset of essential tremor, it has been found that essential tremor is bimodally distributed, meaning that there are two peaks for when it is onset and those peaks are after the age of 40, and before the age of 40. When looked at on a graph, it is seen that there are two peaks, making it bimodal. The graph below shows this skew of data between two peaks before and after the ages of 40 years old. 


Essential tremor is really the only neurological disease that seems to have two peaks like it does. Most other movement disorders have a high proportion of those with an older age being affected. There are limitations in this study, because it is hard to determine the onset age of when someone starts presenting the condition, but it does seem as though through studies that we have been able to determine when it is most common to start seeing signs and symptoms of essential tremor. 

Essential tremor is a condition that does deteriorate over time, but the age of onset of essential tremor can strongly influence how fast or slow the disease progresses. Those that are young tend to get worse, rhythmic shakes must faster than those who have it onset at an older age. But, since the cause is not known, the progression cannot be known for certain, and depends greatly case by case. It is important to learn the signs and symptoms of your own essential tremor, and try lots of things to determine what helps your symptoms the best so you can live a full life. Products like Miracle Tremor, and other prescribed treatments along with exercise and natural remedies can cause symptoms to lessen and your daily routine to become much easier over time. Though there is no cure, symptoms of essential tremor can be treated. 


Data taken from, a study by Elan D. Louis and Okan Dogue.