Essential Tremor and Anxiety

June 29, 2018

Anxiety is defined as a feeling or worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about imminent even or something with an uncertain outcome. Being diagnosed with anxiety can be defined by excessive uneasiness and apprehension, with compulsive behavior or panic attacks. Most people have experienced some form of anxiety in their lives, but those who are diagnosed with anxiety feel it constantly and much more intensely. All movements that are involuntary like tremor worsen by emotional or physical stress caused by anxiety. Uncontrolled anxiety can make essential tremor almost impossible to manage. Getting anxiety and it’s symptoms under control can greatly impact any symptoms of essential tremor as well. There are medications, natural remedies and many other popular treatments for anxiety, but it is a very personal thing that will need to be determined by you on what works best for you and your symptoms. 


What treatment is available to help anxiety and essential tremor? There are a lot of medications that can be prescribed that can positively impact both essential tremor and anxiety symptoms, but there also plenty of more natural and holistic approaches that can help manage symptoms. Since essential tremor is worsened by stress and tension, relaxation techniques such as yoga, aromatherapy, massage, breathing techniques and tai chi can relax the rhythmic tremors while also relaxing the mind and feelings of anxiousness. Seeing a psychologist or therapist can also help promote relaxation and help teach techniques that will calm anxiousness and in turn calm tremors. While we know that both anxiety and essential tremor cannot be cured, these techniques can help daily function significantly.


Besides relaxation techniques, essential oils are another way that essential tremors and anxiety can be treated. Smells through aromatherapy promote various effects and seek to unify the physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to help the healing process inside an individual. There are many different ways oils can be administered besides aromatherapy, and there are many different oils that have different scents, ingredients and properties that can help an individual. Besides reducing anxiety and tremors, these oils can also promote a better mood and a more positive outlook on life, which would benefit anyone!


Diet and exercise can also have a great impact on anxiety and essential tremor. Eating healthy and giving your body what it needs to function can improve self-image as well as energy levels. It has also been shown that mediterranean style diets that are high in fat and fruits and veggies will also improve tremor symptoms in some people. Combining these with a healthy exercise routine will strengthen the body and promote mental and physical well-being, with power to fight tremor symptoms. 


While these techniques may not cure anxiety and essential tremor, they may help to alleviate some of the symptoms. By combining all of these with products such as Tremor Miracle, individuals can live full and rich lives daily without suffering from the side effects of these conditions. With learning and developing skills to cope with anxiety, essential tremor will greatly improve and the symptoms will lessen.