Essential Tremor Association

June 29, 2018

There are many different awareness and treatments associations for essential tremor. These can provide great support and advice for those suffering from essential tremor symptoms. The International Essential Tremor Foundation is a foundation that gives options to those who suffer from essential tremor, and provides a support group to those who need to find friends and those they can relate to. The International Essential Tremor Foundation provides a voice for those with essential tremor. The condition can seem embarrassing and frustrating, but with support, people can live full and exciting lives even with essential tremor. 

The International Essential Tremor Foundation was founded in 1988 as a non-profit organization. It is led by a board of directors, medical advisors, and an executive director. The organization consists of patients, physicians, educators, health care workers, parents, relatives, friends, and volunteers. Their mission is to provide hope and education around the community worldwide. They even offer scholarships to lessen the burden of higher education for those who suffer from essential tremor. They are also a partner to many other organizations and strive to make a difference in the medical community. 

The International Essential Tremor Foundation accepts donations to go towards research to help support better treatments and find a cure. You can donate while you shop at Amazon and Goodsearch, give yearly donations, or give directly to research to find what causes essential tremors and how to cure them. 

The National Tremor Foundation is another organization in the UK that supports diagnosis and treatment for essential tremor. THey were founded in 1994 by Professor Leslie Findley and Professor William Koller. Each year they hold an annual conference subsidised by members and friends, who provide an opportunity to meet and spend time together, while also talking with experts. They provide funding for research, advice and support for those who suffer from symptoms of essential tremor. They provide support groups for those who suffer, so they can feel involved in a community and support from those around them.

The National Tremor Foundation also provides an outlet for real stories of real individuals and how they live with their condition. These stories include artists, radio voices, ballet, hiking and even surgeons. All of this can be accomplished with essential tremor, and with resources and support that The National Tremor Foundation provides, individuals are given a whole new layer of support that they may have never felt before. 

The National Tremor Foundation also puts on events to raise awareness for essential tremor like half-marathons. Their yearly event is held in different places with different experts every year. They are heavily involved with their members lives, and have dedicated their funding to go towards those who need help with essential tremor and finding treatment that works for them and improves their lives. 

There are many groups and societies, especially with the internet and social media being such a big player in the lives of many, that individuals can join for support through trials of essential tremor. For more information, you can Google “Essential Tremor Associations” and find lots of support and more advice.