Essential Tremor and the University of Virginia

August 10, 2018

The University of Virginia is a public research university and the flagship for the commonwealth of Virginia. It was founded in 1819, by Thomas Jefferson. They have a very small acceptance rate of 30 percent and a high graduation rate of 94 percent. In 2018, it was reported that the University of Virginia was the third best national public university, and the second best value public college. 

Because University of Virginia has such a strong research and medical background, they have done a lot in the way of essential tremor research. In fact, at their Neurosciences and Behavioral Health Center, they have a whole section dedicated to essential tremor. They also offer medical care at their location on campus, and you can go for assistance with your essential tremor symptoms. 

University of Virginia has performed lots of clinical research and studies on essential tremor. When you go to see a doctor at UVA, you get treatment based on their research, and if you join a trial, you can gain access to the newest treatments available. This way, their treatments are highly effective and can get patients back to normal life. UVA is on the forefront of ultrasound treatment that has been proven to be highly successful in treating essential tremor. It has been recently approved by the FDA, and has been proven to be much more successful than other methods of treatment, even the surgical methods that have been around for so long. 

The University of Virginia does much more than just research and treatment for essential tremor though, they have performed countless studies for Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, different forms of Epilepsy, Memory Loss, Huntington disease, and many other neurological and behavioral disorders. All of their research information can be found on their website and is open to the public. It is a great resource to learn more about these conditions and the research that is on the forefront of all the recent treatment discoveries for them. If you would like to get in touch, you can also use their website to volunteer for studies, or reach out for treatment help and medical attention. 

UVA has a great nursing program, and other medical programs that are highly rated for great educations in the medical field. With so much opportunity for hands on studies and learning, it is a great place to go for education in the medical field. 

Lots of universities offer unique research and medical programs that are beneficial to the ongoing studies of conditions and diseases like essential tremor. These research studies are vital in providing answers to questions about essential tremor that still have not been answered, such as cause, the genetic mutation that causes it in instances of familial tremor, and cures. Participating in clinical trials at schools like UVA helps create a more knowledgeable medical field with more answers. For more information you can visit and see if you quality for a trial or for a study through their programs. 


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