Keppra and Essential Tremor

August 14, 2018

Keppra is an anticonvulsant that can be used to treat seizures. A prescription is needed to access Keppra, and it does have a few different brands. While taking Keppra, it is very dangerous to consume alcohol, as very serious interactions can occur. Keppra is the trade name that Levetiracetam is marketed under. There are immediate and extended release options, as well as an injection that can be used. 

Levetiracetam has potential uses and benefits for other neurological conditions like essential tremor, anxiety disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease. However, it does have very serious adverse side effects that are mostly behavioral, and it has not been tested for it’s benefit-risk ratio when used in these particular conditions. Keppra has also been found to have risks for Kidney and Liver impairments. Along with other antiepileptic drugs, Keppra can increase the risk of suicidal behavior or thoughts. 

Essential tremor has posed one of the hardest challenges to neurologists. Studies have been conducted to examine the effectiveness of Keppra for the treatment in essential tremor. Since Levetiracetam may help regulate the dopaminergic system, it can impact essential tremor and symptoms of the condition. Because essential tremor tends to affect those over 40 years and older, it was important that the elderly community was tested, and it was found that they are no more likely to have negative effects than younger people taking Keppra. 

There have also been studies that have proven that in some instances, Keppra does not effectively treat symptoms of essential tremor. After 15 out of 45 patients were tested in one study, and three chose to drop out, it was found that there was no positive benefits to some in the form of tremor control and relief. It is known that essential tremor is caused by different things depending on the individual case, so this could be part of it. But, since we are not always sure about what causes essential tremor, it is hard to know what the best treatment is. 

After learning about Keppra, take questions to your medical care provider. They may recommend Keppra to you for your essential tremor symptoms, but because of the side effects it tends to have, it is not a common treatment for essential tremor. Keppra and essential tremor are not commonly reported to work together. It is also important to consider other risk factors, such as other conditions you may have. Because it can cause impairments to the Kidney and Liver, anyone with pre-existing Kidney or Liver conditions should automatically be deterred from using it. 

Essential tremor and Keppra have been researched together, but the results are inconclusive. It has been found to help in some studies with tremors, but has been found to do nothing in others. Consulting more gentle and less risky treatment first such as products like TremorMiracle may be a more safe and reasonable way to treat your essential tremor symptoms. 

Visit for more information about Keppra, its uses, side effects, and ingredients. Always consult a medical professional before taking Keppra.