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Natural Remedies for Essential Tremor: Essential Oils

August 17, 2018

Essential oils have become a common staple in a lot of homes for their great medicinal properties, as well as their ability to be diffused for great scents inside the home. It is a little known fact that essential oils are a great natural remedy for essential tremor. While they do not promise to cure essential tremor, diffusing certain essential oils will promote relaxation and can lessen tremor symptoms throughout the day. 

Natural remedies for essential tremor have a unique relationship, and it is important to remember to consult a medical professional before taking any natural remedies, to make sure that they will not interfere with other existing conditions or create any health concerns for you. The great thing about using essential oils for essential tremor is that there are little to no side effects. Essential oils are also very affordable, and easily can be used in your home and even on the go. There are also lots of places that provide quality oils, so that you can choose what oils work best for you with the convenience of trying them in store or ordering them online. Most oils are not for human consumption. If you are interested in using essential oils for cooking or in drinks, make sure that you are purchasing consumption grade oils that have been approved for consumption. 

Lavender oil is a great oil that promotes relaxation and can help with issues that stem from essential tremor regarding sleep. Since Lavender oil is extracted from the lavender plant, it is easy to come by and therefore less expensive than some other oils. It also has other wholistic uses regarding bruising and irritation on the skin. 

Frankincense oil is a more expensive oil that has psycho-emotional properties that can curb essential tremors. Once taken, frankincense oil acts as a nervous system stimulant and helps to calm any nervous tension in the body, which in turn calms any tremor symptoms that may be coming from the nervousness and anxiety. 

Arnica oil contains rosemary and marjoram essential oils and helps reduce inflammation and muscle spasms. Usually, this oil is one of the ones that is best consumed in water, and not diffused. A teaspoon of the oil mixture three times a day helps with tremor relief. 

Helichrysum oil has inflammation relieving properties. The theory is that lowering the levels of brain inflammation in an individual may lead to some relief from some of the symptoms that stem from essential tremor. The use of this oil for essential tremor is a bit more controversial as far as it’s affects go. 

Overall, Natural remedies for essential tremor are a great way to treat symptoms while also having positive health benefits for your body. These remedies are usually common and easy to come by, and have minimal side effects. Natural remedies for essential tremor may also be more cost effective and a better option for those on more tight budget. After consulting with your medical care provider, feel free to explore the world of natural remedies for essential tremor and find what works best for you.